Clifford C. Campbell

Clifford C. Campbell

Clifford C. Campbell is a scholar of Africa and African Diaspora with a specialization in the historical interaction between the Caribbean and West Africa. He holds a PhD in African History from the University of Ghana. His research explores the phenomenon of the "reverse diaspora,' which examines how the African Diaspora in the Caribbean has influenced West Africa, and more importantly, how it fits into our understanding of transnationalism in the global history of the twentieth century.


The 13th Amendment’s fatal flaw created modern-day convict slavery

By: and - January 26, 2022

The 13th Amendment is having a moment of reckoning. Considered one of the crowning achievements of American democracy, the Civil War-era constitutional amendment set “free” an estimated 4 million enslaved people and seemed to demonstrate American claims to equality and freedom. But the amendment did not apply to those convicted of a crime. And one group of […]