Jessica Bernard for The Conversation

Jessica Bernard for The Conversation

Jessica Bernard is an associate professor at Texas A&M University. Bernard researches how the brain changes as we age, with a focus on the cerebellum and the way that it interacts and communicates with the rest of the cortex. The cerebellum is important for motor skills — balance and learning. It also plays a role in cognition — memory and attention. By integrating our understanding of the cerebellum with the rest of the cortex, we can get a more complete picture of brain aging, and in turn, better insights into why some people may develop age-related pathology, such as Alzheimer's Disease.


Even mild cases of COVID-19 can leave a mark on the brain, such as reductions in gray matter

By: - March 8, 2022

Researchers have been steadily gathering important insights into the effects of COVID-19 on the body and brain. Two years into the pandemic, these findings are raising concerns about the long-term impacts the coronavirus might have on biological processes such as aging. As a cognitive neuroscientist, I have focused in my past research on understanding how […]