Megan Gleason

Megan Gleason

Megan Gleason is a journalist based in Albuquerque. She recently graduated from the University of New Mexico, where she served as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Lobo. Other work has appeared under the New Mexico Press Association as well as in the Independent, Gallup Sun and Silver City Daily Press.

Meteorologists warn about flood risk intensifying over the weekend due to wildfires

By: - June 17, 2022

Monsoon season already causes concerns for a potential risk for flooding in New Mexico, but the enormous wildfires roaring across the state have created rough soil conditions that increase the risk of flooding, according to meteorologists. Wednesday kicked off the monsoon season in New Mexico, where a shift in wind direction created potential for thunderstorms. […]

Ranchers carry heavy workload, strain against second-largest wildfire in NM

By: - June 15, 2022

Outrunning a setting sun and a raging wildfire, fifth-generation rancher Loretta Rabenau wrangled her cattle to safety from fires last month when firefighters’ told her she had an hour to do so. It’s something she won’t forget for the rest of her life. Scorching swaths of  the Gila National Forest, the Black Fire has forced […]

Black Fire spreads in hot, dry conditions

By: - June 13, 2022

From a comparatively small blaze of just 150 acres to ravaging over 311,000 acres of southern New Mexico in just a month, the Black Fire is on the path to becoming the largest wildfire in the state. Dry weather across the Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness in the next few days will likely speed the […]

People in the disaster zone have words for Biden ahead of his NM visit

By: , , , and - June 10, 2022

Voters who may have lost homes or just returned to scorched properties in northern New Mexico went to the polls anyway this week to cast ballots for the next round of local leaders who will help shape the rebuilding process.  As they did, Source New Mexico reporters spread out up north and stayed most of […]

Fears of voter fraud through same-day registration unbased

By: - June 8, 2022

Over 10,000 New Mexico voters took advantage of same-day voter registration Tuesday during New Mexico’s primary, the first time the state offered same-day voter registration for a statewide election. The change was met with many unfounded claims of voter fraud online. It used to be that people had to register to vote in an election […]

New Mexico Primary Election Results 2022

By: , and - June 8, 2022

After winning the GOP primary for governor by a long shot on Tuesday, Republican Mark Ronchetti will take on Democratic incumbent Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in November’s general election.  “We have a governor that has decided that she will look out for the best interests of the elites in Santa Fe instead of you,” Ronchetti […]

Low angle view of people lined up to vote

Same-day voter registration proving popular in 2022 NM primaries

By: - June 7, 2022

New Mexicans could register and vote on the same day for the first time ever in a Primary Election — and that’s exactly what many did. Over 8,000 New Mexicans took the opportunity at the polls so far today. Eligible New Mexico voters could also update their existing registration and still vote in today’s primaries […]

NM Primary Preview 2022

By: , and - June 7, 2022

As Primary Election Day dawned, firefighting crews battle historic blazes around the state. Many people haven’t voted yet in the primary, and early turnout’s been fairly low statewide. But the people who are elected this cycle will have a lot to do with recovery efforts as whole regions of New Mexico rebuild in the coming […]

Firefighters get a grip on the Black Fire, with containment jumping to nearly 50%

By: - June 6, 2022

A significant boost in containment of the second-largest wildfire raging in New Mexico ignited hope for the firefighters who have been battling this burn for nearly a month. Containment of the Black Fire rose in the last 24 hours or so — a spike to almost 50% — with crews gaining full control over the […]

Black Fire moves quickly through the Gila

By: - June 3, 2022

Forecasts show only a slight chance of rain this evening — and no chance this weekend — in southwestern New Mexico, where the Black Fire consumes the Gila and remains mostly unchecked. During one of the worst wildfire years ever recorded in state history, the Black Fire emerged last month in the Gila National Forest.  […]