Megan Gleason

Megan Gleason

Megan Gleason is a journalist based in Albuquerque. She recently graduated from the University of New Mexico, where she served as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Lobo. Other work has appeared under the New Mexico Press Association as well as in the Independent, Gallup Sun and Silver City Daily Press.

A technician servicing photovoltaic cells at a solar energy farm In Albuquerque. (Photo By Getty Images)

PRC delays community solar energy reserve meant for low-income New Mexicans

By: - June 21, 2023

Despite New Mexico having the highest number of Hispanic or Latino communities of any state in the U.S., it took over a year for officials to translate transparency documents for the state’s community solar program into Spanish. That contributed to a recently enacted two-month delay on a requirement that’s supposed to save half of the […]

A group of people look at a woman while she talks with her hands slightly raised.

New financial institution announces first major loans to BIPOC businesses on Juneteenth

By: - June 20, 2023

If it weren’t for a newly running financial institution that gives loans to people of color, Finnie Coleman said his small business couldn’t afford to stay afloat. He’s been involved in the pet care industry for years and soon wants to start fostering dogs that are set to be euthanized. With help from the newly […]

Cows sit on freshly growing green grass in the Gila, surrounded by trees.

U.S. Forest Service starts assessing fencing damage on southern half of Black Fire burn scar

By: - June 19, 2023

Wandering livestock in the Gila National Forest could be contained again later this year as the U.S. Forest Service works on repairing and replacing fences that the 2022 Black Fire and following flooding wiped out. Federal officials are paying for it, too. It’s something ranchers living in the Gila need assistance to cover. They’ve seen […]

Someone puts solar panels on a rooftop.

New Mexico regulators look into alleged issues with community solar facility selection process

By: - June 16, 2023

The process to make renewable energy more accessible to New Mexicans through community solar has been met with multiple delays and issues.  Now, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission is looking into more alleged errors that could weigh down the setup of the renewable energy program. At a public meeting on Wednesday, the state’s Public […]

NM state department received disaster relief funds by mistake. Now, officials commit to quickly getting money to the right place.

By: - June 16, 2023

An error sent $2 million dollars in relief aid for Black Fire disaster victims to the wrong state agency, and New Mexico officials say they want to quickly fix this mistake. State lawmakers approved the allocation in the budget to help victims recover from New Mexico’s second largest wildfire in 2022 as well as flooding […]

Northeastern NM thunderstorms expected to turn into dry, critical fire weather

By: - June 15, 2023

After thunderstorms tore through northeastern New Mexico for weeks, the National Weather Service anticipates a complete change of pace as dry and windy weather conditions are forecasted to start up on Thursday, and could fuel large fires. For the past month, areas of New Mexico bordering Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas have been experiencing intense rains, […]

USDA Secretary Vilsack speaks into a microphone with flags standing behind him.

USDA awards $43.3M to Oklahoma internet company that should benefit Union County in northeast NM

By: - June 14, 2023

A telephone company that normally serves Oklahomans and Texans will be reaching beyond its boundaries to set up high-speed internet for New Mexicans in the most northeastern part of the state using federal dollars announced on Monday. The United States Department of Agriculture awarded $714 million in grants and loans aimed to connect rural areas […]

Snowy cliffsides, many with barren trees, stand in the distance. Closer greenery stands on either side of the photo.

$2M for Black Fire recovery assigned to wrong agency

By: - June 12, 2023

New Mexico lawmakers approved $2 million to help repair damage inside and around the Gila National Forest caused by the Black Fire and flooding in 2022. One problem. That money was budgeted to the wrong agency. The error could cause a delay in getting aid to people devastated by last year’s catastrophic disasters. The New […]

A group of protesters stand with signs.

Protest at Chaco Canyon deters event to celebrate new federal oil and gas leasing ban

By: - June 11, 2023

CHACO CANYON — Instead of the celebration planned on a sunny Sunday morning in northwestern New Mexico, Native American communities argued at a barricade set up by protesters from the Navajo Nation. Their shouts telling non-Navajo people to go away emanated beyond a long line of cars unable to get through the roadblock to enter […]

A long path between shrubbery for water to run through.

Disaster recovery efforts boost initiative to map acequias in the state

By: - June 8, 2023

Hundreds of acequias, key irrigation systems that farmers and ranchers depend on to keep their crops thriving, are scattered across New Mexico. Tracking down all those systems is a difficult feat the state has been working on for years. Last year’s massive disasters have provided a push in getting more mapping work done. With the […]

State Rep. Christine Trujillo resigns after 10 years, hopes to see another woman of color in role

By: - June 7, 2023

A Latina woman with a strong commitment to New Mexico is the type of person New Mexico state Rep. Christine Trujillo hopes to be her replacement. Bernalillo County officials will decide who replaces Trujillo in the coming months. Her resignation is effective July 1. Whoever’s chosen will represent District 25, which covers some of Albuquerque’s […]

A man sits in the center of a curved wooden rostrum, looking at someone else off camera. Behind him, mounted on a wooden wall, is the seal of the New Mexico Senate.

NM lawmakers say they need better communication with state courts

By: - June 6, 2023

In the first interim meeting of the year for the New Mexico Courts, Corrections and Justice Committee on Monday, lawmakers expressed a need for more regular contact between the Legislature and state courts so repetitive legal issues can be solved. When courts make decisions, justices sometimes pinpoint issues they want policymakers to consider during legislative […]