Miriam Seifter for The Conversation

Miriam Seifter for The Conversation

Miriam Seifter is an Associate Professor of Law, Co-Director of the State Democracy Research Initiative, and Rowe Faculty Fellow in Regulatory Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School. Her research interests include federalism, administrative and constitutional law, and state and local government law, with a focus on challenges affecting democracy at the state level. She also teaches courses in Administrative Law, Property Law, and State and Local Government Law.


State courts are fielding sky-high numbers of lawsuits ahead of the midterms

By: and - October 27, 2022

The run-up to Election Day is often a contentious time. In recent years, it has also become a litigious time — parties increasingly turn to courts to resolve disputes about the rules for voting. This year, our research shows a significant uptick of those lawsuits occurring in the state court system and challenging every step […]