Ross Ramsey, Texas Tribune

Ross Ramsey, Texas Tribune

Ross Ramsey co-founded The Texas Tribune in 2009 and served as its executive editor until his retirement in 2022. He wrote regular columns on politics, government and public policy. Before joining the Tribune, he was editor and co-owner of Texas Weekly. He did a 28-month stint in government with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Before that, he reported for the Houston Chronicle, the Dallas Times Herald, as a Dallas-based freelancer for regional and national magazines and newspapers, and for radio stations in Denton and Dallas.


Analysis: History suggests attention on gun policy will fade well before the November elections

By: - June 1, 2022

Time is the enemy. A week has passed since 21 people were murdered in an elementary school in Uvalde, an atrocity still at the center of public and private attention and concern. Gov. Greg Abbott and other politicians bound to gun culture are squirming, but history tells us public attention will subside, that voters will […]