Shaun Griswold

Shaun Griswold

Shaun Griswold is a journalist in Albuquerque. He is a citizen of the Pueblo of Laguna, and his ancestry also includes Jemez and Zuni on the maternal side of his family. He grew up in Albuquerque and Gallup. He brings a decade of print and broadcast news experience. Most recently he covered Indigenous affairs with New Mexico In Depth. Shaun reports on issues important to Native Americans in urban and tribal communities throughout the state, including education and child welfare.

Federal commission adds three Native American languages to voter registration resources

By: - November 29, 2021

Access to voting information got a little bit easier for some Native Americans.  The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has released new national voter registration forms that are available in Diné, Apache and Yup’ik languages. This is the first time the federal commission released voting materials with any type of Native American translations.  The commission […]

Goats initiate Phase 1 of a plan to return some of the Bosque to its natural state

By: - November 24, 2021

The latest public servants tasked with protecting the natural environment that make up Albuquerque’s Bosque eat all day and have four legs.  This week more than 150 goats are munching on weeds at the Candelaria Nature Preserve on the east side of the Rio Grande. The goats are the first step in a new 20-year […]

State’s AG to propose a bill consolidating MMIWR investigations

By: - November 22, 2021

When a person goes missing or is murdered in a tribal community, multiple policy agencies take part in the investigation. The state’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives Task Force is just one entity that has spoken through recent years about how this can stall justice for families seeking answers. Now, task force members […]

ABQ officials to begin radar work and plan for a memorial at boarding school gravesite

By: - November 18, 2021

Listen to the KUNM show Let’s Talk New Mexico hosted by Source NM reporter Shaun Griswold   Changes could be coming to 4-H Park in the area that was used to bury students and staff from the Albuquerque Indian School. Another memorial will be placed in the area of the park where the gravesite is […]

What should be done with the Albuquerque boarding school grave site?

By: - November 18, 2021

The boarding school era was a dark time in U.S. history, and the Albuquerque Indian School was the second-largest school of its kind in the country. So much of the history is left untold. People who survived the worst era of students being abused for speaking traditional language are no longer alive. But the effects […]

NM education leaders expect decision on new social studies standards in early 2022

By: - November 17, 2021

Public Education Department officials in New Mexico said they expect to have a decision on the new social studies standards by early next year. During today’s legislative Education Committee hearing, a PED deputy secretary told lawmakers they are expected to begin the process to adopt the proposals in January. Gwen Perea Warniment, the deputy secretary […]

Billions coming to help tribes access clean water

By: - November 17, 2021

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill signed by President Joe Biden yesterday will include full funding for efforts to provide clean water to tribal nations. Over the next five years $3.5 billion will head to the Indian Health Services water and sanitation construction program to pay for tribal clean water projects. On top of that, the […]

Indigenous leaders in New Mexico celebrate federal efforts to protect Chaco

By: - November 16, 2021

The Biden administration’s announcement to begin the process that could impose mineral extraction protections around Chaco Culture National Historical Park was celebrated by Indigenous leaders in New Mexico on Monday, Nov. 15. “Pueblo leadership is charged to protect our language, songs and lifeways so that we may maintain our sacred trust and instill the gifts […]

CRT opponents upset over NM education proposals ignore Yazzie/Martinez ruling

By: - November 15, 2021

A nearly six hour public meeting and more than 1,400 written comments show that New Mexicans care about social studies and the direction of education reform in the state.  Somehow present but forgotten by most who spoke in email and during the online meeting on Friday is the Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit that drapes over all education […]

FBI specialist translates info about MMIWR and hate crimes into Navajo

By: - November 9, 2021

FBI agents in the Four Corners are adapting to Indigenous community needs by adopting traditional language specialists for field work that asks people for tips to help solve crimes.  Melinda Nakai (Diné) is an outreach specialist with the federal agency. Born in Gallup, N.M., she is also the first certified Navajo language translator with the […]

The best chile in the galaxy is still in New Mexico

By: - November 6, 2021

Green chile is in space, but it will take more time for science to catch up to roasting the pepper so it can give its best-quality taste.  “We only have a warming oven onboard that goes to about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, so we could make them warm, but we couldn’t really roast them. So we […]

Indigenous population grows in the census

By: - November 4, 2021

More Native Americans live in the United States than 10 years ago, the census reveals. But the numbers are likely even higher than the once-a-decade count shows. U.S. Census officials presented figures from the 2020 count, saying more than 3.7 million people identified as American Indian and Alaska Native, up from the 2.9 million in […]