Shuang-Ye Wu for The Conversation

Shuang-Ye Wu for The Conversation

Dr. Wu is a professor of Geology and Environmental Geosciences at the University of Dayton. She received her Ph.D. from Cambridge University in 2000. Dr. Wu teaches a variety courses mainly in the field of environmental geography, including physical and human geography, Geographical Information Systems, and the Dynamic Earth. Her research interests focus on assessing potential impacts of climate change, particularly on coastal and inland flooding.

Trees, many without leaves, stand on snowy cliffs in the Gila National Forest.

2022’s US climate disasters, from storms and floods to heat waves and droughts

By: - December 30, 2022

The year 2022 will be remembered across the U.S. for its devastating flooding and storms – and also for its extreme heat waves and droughts. By October, the U.S. had already seen 15 disasters causing more than US$1 billion in damage each, well above the average. The year started with widespread severe winter storms from Texas to […]