Election 2022

Voting is the cornerstone of our democratic process, but there are attempts across the country to limit ballot access. At Source New Mexico, we want to at least make it easier for you to make choices as you fill out your 2022 ballot — from who represents you in state government to the big issues of the campaign cycle, we’ll break it all down with an eye on real potential impacts in your community.

How to vote in the NM primary in a county affected by wildfire

BY: - May 10, 2022

Early voting for New Mexico’s primary elections started Tuesday, May 10, with a message of urgency for the thousands displaced by forest fires burning in their communities: Vote now. The Secretary of State’s Office is urging anyone who left their home due to fires and who wants to vote in the primary election to vote in person at […]

NM Republicans inflate curricula fears at education hearing

BY: - May 2, 2022

The purpose of a presentation Thursday by New Mexico Public Education Department officials for members of a legislative committee was straightforward: Provide a detailed update about proposed revisions of statewide K-12 social studies standards. But that agenda item veered quickly into a passionate exchange between Democratic lawmakers, who applauded the changes, and Republican representatives gripped […]

Candidate fundraising reports show competitive primary races ahead

BY: - April 22, 2022

Recently released campaign finance reports show several close primaries shaping up across New Mexico later this summer, and a battle is already playing out between Democrats campaigning as either moderate or progressive, and vying for certain seats.  A review of Secretary of State records shows candidates are competing in primaries in at least 29 of […]

Judge rules the redrawn NM congressional map stays in place — for now

BY: - April 20, 2022

The 2022 elections in New Mexico will move forward with the newly redrawn congressional map, but future elections could still see legal challenges from Republicans, a state judge ruled Tuesday. In two brief letters on Tuesday afternoon, Ninth Judicial District Court Judge Fred Van Soelen said he will allow New Mexico to conduct the elections […]

White House report highlights voting barriers for Native American voters

BY: - April 15, 2022

Native Americans face recurring and unnecessary barriers when it comes to exercising their right to vote, according to a report released by the White House.  “Many of the voting barriers faced by Native American communities are persistent and longstanding, with deep historical roots,” the report states. The report identified a wide range of barriers that […]

Congressional elections panel hears from New Mexico voting rights advocates

BY: - April 12, 2022

Federal lawmakers in charge of overseeing elections are looking to New Mexico as a model for how to improve access to voting across the country, although they heard about the obstacles remaining between the state’s marginalized communities and the ballot box. The U.S. House Committee on House Administration held a hearing on Monday at the […]

NM Sen. Sharer blocked voting rights by talking so much, no one else could

BY: - February 18, 2022

About 90 minutes into Sen. William Sharer’s filibuster on the New Mexico Senate floor, the snow stopped falling in Albuquerque. It was melting by the time he finished his hot-air diatribe on topics such as logging, baseball, hot dogs — seemingly everything but voting rights — ending the 30-day legislative session before a key piece […]

Election 2022

Voting is the way we as citizens of the United States and its component states, counties and cities express our opinions and preferences. We are periodically asked to mark our ballots for candidates for various offices and to weigh in on proposals to change or enact laws, impose new taxes and many other kinds of questions. Voting is the cornerstone of our democratic process.


June 2

Absentee ballot applications due by 5pm

June 7

Primary Election Day, polls open 7am - 7pm

October 11

In-person early voting begins for the general election. Web portal closes for voter registration

November 3

Absentee ballot applications due by 5pm

November 8

General Election Day, polls open 7am - 7pm

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