Analysis: Grief. Horror. Inaction. Texas mass shootings follow a numbing script

BY: - May 25, 2022

Mass shootings in Texas have become so common, they begin to collectively feel familiar. But each lands with fresh horror. The sniper who climbed a tower 56 years ago at the University of Texas to gun down students introduced the state to the threat. The massacre of 23 at a Walmart by a gunman targeting […]

Baby formula industry was primed for disaster long before key factory closed down

BY: - May 23, 2022

The conditions that led to a shortage of baby formula were set in motion long before the February 2022 closure of the Similac factory tipped the U.S. into a crisis. Retailers nationwide reported supplies of baby formula were out of stock at a rate of 43% during the week ended May 8, 2022, compared with […]

Why run for mayor?

BY: - May 19, 2022

On Sept. 12, 2021 at Haynes Park in Rio Rancho, N.M., dressed in a black suit and pink top, I stood before a humble audience and announced that I was running to be the next mayor.  The task had secretly been on my mind for months. The seed had been planted ever since Aug. 15, […]

Conservatives needn’t panic about the end of Title 42

BY: - May 13, 2022

Trump’s former immigration adviser is having a premonition of doom. Stephen Miller has the dubious distinction of authoring ex-President Trump’s (anti-)immigration policies.  He retweeted news of a Centers for Disease Control announcement last month, saying: “This will mean armageddon on the border. This is how nations end.”  So what on Earth could a public health […]

Analysis: No election fraud detected so far in messy Otero County audit

BY: - May 11, 2022

Election-deniers probing 2020 results in Otero County updated elected officials there this week on the status of their voter audit, which recently sparked a congressional investigation into its legality.  The evening’s heated conversation centered on the fragile state of contemporary democratic processes, but opening Monday night’s crowded special meeting of the Otero County Commission in […]

Even as fires rage, fireworks ban a tough nut to crack

BY: - April 28, 2022

It seems like common sense. With wildfires eating up over 160,000 acres in Northern New Mexico and costing tens of millions of dollars for fire suppression, why not ban the sale of fireworks during the peak fire season of the year — Fourth of July?  It’s a question that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham tried to […]

6 wildfire terms to understand, from red flag warning to 100% containment

BY: - April 27, 2022

A wildfire fueled by dry, windy conditions forced hundreds of people to evacuate homes in Arizona in mid-April, following fires that destroyed more than 200 homes in New Mexico and threatened communities in several other states over the previous weeks. It was another reminder to be prepared for what U.S. forecasters warned would be a risky spring for wildfires. I’m a fire ecologist and director of the Southern […]

Legendary author Rudolfo Anaya on banning books

BY: - April 20, 2022

Ten years ago, Bless Me, Ultima was being pulled from the shelves in Arizona classrooms as Tucson’s Mexican American Studies program was dismantled.  I was a reporter at Albuquerque’s now defunct alt-weekly. In our rundown brick office, I pulled out the city’s actual phone book. The big old paper version was already like a thing […]

‘Our ancestors risked their lives and freedom’

BY: - April 19, 2022

ODANAH, Wisconsin — It was the blue ceiling that got me. Although St. Mary’s Catholic Church is tiny, its vaulted ceiling soars to an unexpected height. It’s an impossible robin’s egg blue or the hue of a blue sky that could never exist. Unexpectedly, it drove my heart into my throat, where it stayed for […]

We deserve better than outdated posturing about crime

BY: and - April 18, 2022

New Mexico’s 2022 legislative session revealed a troubling absence of the political will to pass meaningful public safety legislation in the Roundhouse.  Some elected officials relied on false and harmful rhetoric when it came to addressing public safety. Legislative efforts to address crime in New Mexico this year fell far short of measures that decades […]

Backdoor lobbying needs to be disclosed

BY: and - April 15, 2022

We were happy when the state Legislature passed a measure setting a 36% interest rate cap on small loans in this state, and when Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham subsequently signed the bill.   Our organization, New Mexico Ethics Watch, published a report shortly before the legislative session began, showing how storefront lenders —  allowed to charge […]

Abdul Amiry, thank you

BY: - April 14, 2022

I have to say to you my brother, Abdul Amiry — and to all of the Afghans who are trying to find a new life in Las Cruces, N.M. — thank you.  As a combat veteran who served there, I want to take the time to thank you for your service. I want to take […]